it’s just creepy that y’all google japanese girls’ twitters, take their selfies without permission, and repost them onto tumblr.com for “aesthetic” purposes

Especailly since many look underage, and are actually underage.

It’s gotton to the point where when I see someone who I assum might be east asian selfie i go check on the OP blog to see if it’s them that posted it. Because I wouldn’t want to be spreading someone’s reprinted images over the net without their consent and it seems to happen a lot with east asian girls and women.

Also many Japanese people who post their selfies on here get reposted, or have their text deleted to have some with an url that goes along the lines “princesscumkitty” self promo on it is also super gross.

These girls aren’t you’re aesthetics. They’re human beings, treat them like people.

The fact this needs to be said is extreme.

im ESPECIALLY sick of seeing obviously underaged asian girls in spandex swinsuits. what in gods name is wrong with you racist perverts?

Also panty shots, that are ovi creep shots, of again… underage girls.

It’s super ironic too because lot of you who reblog these claim to be such feminists, than reblog nsfw photos of underage girls, or adult women photos that have been reposted without consent. How can you not see that ethically wrong with that?

edit: ANOTHER THING, how they’re all light skin too? Yeah, I’ve notice you’re shitting on dark skin east Asians too. 

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To Mixed People



  • To mixed people who only look like one of their races
  • To mixed people who look ‘ambiguous’ ‘exotic’ ‘unique’ and get both fetishized and treated badly for it
  • To mixed people whose identities are ‘too confusing’
  • To mixed people whose identities get ignored
  • To mixed people whose identities are questioned
  • To mixed people who are told ‘they aren’t really ___’
  • To mixed people who have mixed hair and mixed skin and can’t find cosmetic care products for themselves
  • To mixed people who are victims of multiple types of racism 
  • To mixed people who can’t fit in with the parts of their family
  • To mixed people who only have connections to one of their races
  • To mixed people who are too ‘___’ or not ‘___’ enough
  • To mixed people who aren’t white, but can pass for white.
  • To white mixed people who are white passing, and have to decide between having their identity erased or having to deal with more racism
  • To white mixed people who aren’t white passing, and don’t get the choice.
  • To white mixed people who aren’t white passing, but their siblings are
  • To mixed people who have to deal with prejudice from their own family, white or not. (anti-blackness, fetishism, colorism)
  • To transracial adopted mixed people who have never known any of their family
  • To mixed people who have to figure out their identities by themselves

To mixed people who have to deal with so much shit. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you are valid.

For mixed people everywhere, stand in solidarity with each other. While we have similar experiences, not everyone has the same experience, or relationship with their race. Be aware of whatever privileges you have. Listen to others and always help one another.

- To mixed people who aren’t white
- To mixed people who are tired of mixed-with-white people tears
- To mixed people who are tired of posts like this that completely ignore or erase their experiences when trying so hard to be !INCLUSIVE!
- To mixed people who hate how “mixed” has come to mean “POC-white” when so many of us are mixed POC-POC
- To mixed people who are Black and/or dark skinned and never get read as mixed or believed to be mixed
- To mixed people who are told their lack of darkness/Blackness is prettier, more desirable, ~exotic~, etc
- To mixed people who don’t want to be in solidarity with mixed-with-white folks cuz they like to centralize themselves in every fucking thing
- To mixed people who are desperate for their mixed narrative to be present and visible
- To mixed people who stay out of mixed people conversations because there’s never room made for them to speak or be respected

I care for you & i’m here for you. i’m making room for you.


The Battle of MongKok, Hong Kong, 2014-10-17

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Protester barricade in Hong Kong

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Jim Crow 2.0

nothing’s changed. it’s just evolved.

devil stay pulling tricks.

Who’s surprised?

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Preferring to date a race isn’t racist! It’s like preferring a certain hair color or height —


Let me break this down:

- Race is a social construct invented by Western Europeans to justify chattel slavery. Preferences aren’t biological or something you are born with, because race didn’t even exist until about 500 years ago.

-  Among PoC, there is no race/ethnic group/country where all the people have anything in common besides being from a certain part of the world. Among PoC, there is no race where every member has the same skin color, hair color, hair type, eye color, language, clothing, culture, etc. 

- The only race whose members all have something in common is white- all white people have to have light skin in order to be white. This rule was created by white people themselves, and is intentionally exclusive.

- Don’t even pretend that you don’t know there is a racial hierarchy in beauty. Everyone knows that in Western culture white women are seen as the most desirable, black women are seen as the least desirable, and everyone else is in the middle. Funny how these “innate” and “random” preferences seem to line up perfectly with white beauty standards/white supremacist ideals.

- No more false equivalencies. PoC not wanting to date white people is not the same as the reverse. PoC almost never believe that white people are unattractive/ugly, they just find it too difficult to meet a white person who is actively unlearning and working to dismantle white supremacy. 

- Stop trying to defend yourself. If you have racial or ethnic preferences, whether they are positive or negative, you are the problem, stop blaming it on everyone else. You have to acknowledge and unlearn whatever stereotype you’ve absorbed. 

Like a previous post I made, this post is also not a place to try to debate whether racial preferences are bad or not. I’ve made my statement based on pretty obvious facts about Western culture and white supremacy. If you don’t agree, move on.
However, feel free to share your experiences with this (either involving you or someone else).

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I see y’all

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talk about perspective. shit.

Fucking hell.

I remember the first time I saw a map of Africa to scale. My jaw dropped.

And I’m wondering how a continent so big can be so conveniently left out of our world history text books. A class on Africa isn’t a requirement for Anthro majors at my school. YOU CAN HAVE A MAJOR ON THE STUDY OF HUMANS AND COMPLETELY LEAVE OUT THIS WHOLE ASS CONTINENT.

Well goddamn

Well. I learned something today. 

especially considering its where humans evolved

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Whites riot over pumpkins in NH and Twitter turns it into epic lesson about Ferguson, aka Black Twitter Wins Again (with some nice Ally Assists), aka The Best of #PumpkinFest, PT 2. #staywoke

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Look at these thugs destroying their community!

Gang violence within the pumpkin community, we must not let these gangsters tarnish the great American image with their shenanigans 

Where are the white leaders speaking up about this?! Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Bill O’ Reilly?! Where are you?

Who are we to blame for this type or destructive behavior? Iggy Azalea? Macklemore? The white community has got to stop with this behavior if they ever want to move on.

But then again maybe the pumpkin deserved it? What did the pumpkin do to provoke them? We should just wait for the facts first.

The pumpkins don’t deserve all this attention since these white animals can’t respect their community. Don’t they know hate breeds hate?? Martin Luther King said he had a dream that one day those pumpkins will sit down with the white savages and have a peaceful conversation. These thugs are destroying our country goddamn those LIBURALZZ!!




religious homophobes think that as long as they’re polite about their hateful views it’s not gonna count as hate well it does and it literally kills people and you stay silent with that “I love you but I don’t support your lifestyle” you don’t fucking deserve the right to say you love us it’s a goddamn LIE

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"The brain can get sick too."

Re-make of this post.

End mental health stigma.

If you EVER need someone to talk to, my ask is open! Stay strong loves.

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Whites riot over pumpkins in NH and Twitter turns it into epic lesson about Ferguson, aka The Best of #PumpkinFest, PT 1. #staywoke

in this week’s episode of shit black folks would get murdered or jailed with no trial for

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A moment of silence for…



Every black man that is “ok with white people using the n-word”

That Asian girl who applauds Katy Perry dressing up like a Geisha

Those native American folks who are fine with the “Redskins” mascot

The Chicano/Latino boy who wants to “deport all the illegals”

A moment of silence for our fallen soldiers. They are lost to the cause.

For people of color who fetishize themselves and are ok with others fetishizing them

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Anonymous: You hate whites so much because you're jealous. Europe is the bastion of culture on earth


LMAOOOOOOO the whites literally spent like 300 years wallowing in their own shit not understanding that bathing is good for you. And why would i be jealous of aging at a 10 year to 1 ratio. I’d rather not look like i should be on my way to a nursing home when I’m 25, please miss me with this lmaooooo.


I friend of mine were having a chat and she brought up that the US Government was found  guilty of the murder of Martin Luther King in 1999 and this year this info started to re-surface and multiple people were taking extensive efforts to make sure the information stayed hidden. I did some research and here’s what I found.

In 1999 (a year after the person convicted of the assassination, James Earl Ray, died) the United States government was taken to court by King’s family. With a very short trial, due to the overwhelming evidence against the government, they were found guilty. King’s family was awarded $100 and his widow was quoted saying this.

There is abundant evidence of a major high level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband, Martin Luther King, Jr. And the civil court’s unanimous verdict has validated our belief. I wholeheartedly applaud the verdict of the jury and I feel that justice has been well served in their deliberations. This verdict is not only a great victory for my family, but also a great victory for America. It is a great victory for truth itself. It is important to know that this was a SWIFT verdict, delivered after about an hour of jury deliberation. The jury was clearly convinced by the extensive evidence that was presented during the trial that, in addition to Mr. Jowers, the conspiracy of the Mafia, local, state and federal government agencies, were deeply involved in the assassination of my husband. The jury also affirmed overwhelming evidence that identified someone else, not James Earl Ray, as the shooter, and that Mr. Ray was set up to take the blame. I want to make it clear that my family has no interest in retribution. Instead, our sole concern has been that the full truth of the assassination has been revealed and adjudicated in a court of law. As we pursued this case, some wondered why we would spend the time and energy addressing such a painful part of the past. For both our family and the nation, the short answer is that we had to get involved because the system did not work. Those who are responsible for the assassination were not held to account for their involvement. This verdict, therefore, is a great victory for justice and truth. It has been a difficult and painful experience to revisit this tragedy, but we felt we had an obligation to do everything in our power to seek the truth. Not only for the peace of mind of our family but to also bring closure and healing to the nation. We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.

This is especially disappointing because with a quick google search of “who killed MLK” a short google-provided bio of James Earl Ray pops up

when there has been proof for 15 years now that US government indeed killed Dr. King. Yet, to this day, America waves his words and what he stood for as the symbol of our country (not to say his words shouldn’t be praised, just that the people who murdered him shouldn’t be using him to feed their ego).

You can read more about the trial here. And if anyone tries to disprove this news source, google “us government killed MLK” and you’ll have a plentiful of articles from 1999-2014 covering this topic more than I ever could in a tumblr post.

PLEASE SPREAD THIS AROUND. I was taught ever since elementary school what James Earl Ray was guilty of Martin Luther King’s death. As his wife stated, all they wanted to get out of this trial was recognition of what really happened, and the fact that all they got was $100 and a pat on the back sickens me. People need to know the truth.

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